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Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Have you recently dropped your phone or discovered a dysfunction you can't seem to figure out? We are proud to offer the best cell phone screen replacements, iPhone charger repairs, and so much more. Not only is this option more affordable than your carrier, but we can have you on your way in as little as 15 minutes.



Many customers seek our services when they are experiencing a defective laptop. Perhaps your laptop is no longer holding a charge or the charging cable is not working; we will provide you with quick laptop repairs. Our experienced technician is guaranteed to perform your laptop repair in no time!



It has happened to the best of us. You sit up and kick or it falls off the couch and your tablet is cracked. With our team of experts, we can perform screen replacements for your tablets, and we can also provide you with a cord replacement. If you have fallen victim to a tablet that is working improperly, seek our immediate assistance today.

About Fast Fix

Whether you live in Waltham, Lancaster, Hudson, or Marlborough, Massachusetts, Fast Fix is proud to offer the most incredible choice in electronic repair services. Located in the Solomon Pond Mall, we happily provide our customers with incredible results for their laptops, cell phones, and tablets. With over 5 years of experience, our technician is guaranteed to provide you with fast and knowledgeable solutions. Whether you are experiencing poor battery life, your power cord is frayed, or the screen has cracked, we can assist you!

Some of the other devices that we can repair include microphones, speakers, and charging cords! Once we provide you with our excellent services, you will be given a 90-day warranty! If you are in the area and find yourself in need of urgent cellphone repair, rest assured that our professional technician will provide you with a turnaround in as little as 15 minutes! Visit our Marlborough location today in the Solomon Pond Mall and experience for yourself!

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Replacement Phone Batteries and Chargers

Do you own a cell phone that is regularly dying or can not hold a charge? At Fast Fix, we are happy to provide our customers with the most exceptional results on replacement cell phone batteries and chargers. Our technician has over 5 years of service in the industry and is guaranteed to provide you with fantastic results. Rest assured our professional technician will work quickly, to provide you with results as soon as 15 minutes!

When you find that your phone’s battery is not charging, there are a number of issues that you may be facing. Whether your battery has gone bad, the power cord is dysfunctional, or you have a bad port, we can provide you with the best help. Our cell phone battery replacements can be performed quickly, and we also have nearly every iPhone battery as well. Rest assured when you are experiencing cell phone battery problems, Fast Fix is available to provide you with urgent help. Visit our Marlborough, Massachusetts location in the Solomon Pond Mall and see for yourself!

Replacement Phone Batteries

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